Anonymous asked:
imagine that tony gets bucky into classic rock bands and discovers that because of his arm hes really good at playing guitar
imaginebucky replied:

i mean, it does actually take him a while to get good and figure out how to play. his metal hand can move at literally inhuman speeds, so he can do some sick guitar solos, but for the first month or so every day he practiced resulted in several broken strings and it was so frustrating that bucky thought about quitting because even when he tried his best to make something beautiful he ended up ruining it

but tony sees bucky’s frustration and wants to help, since he was the one that got bucky interested in learning guitar in the first place, and even though he knows absolutely nothing about guitars and guitar strings he throws himself into making custom strings for bucky that won’t snap from his metal hand but still sound the same as regular ones

it takes tony a week and about forty-eight hours without sleep, but he finally gets them done and attached to bucky’s guitar. he presents the newly finished guitar, which is wrapped in crumpled printer paper and has a lopsided bow made of cable stuck on the fret, to bucky at three in the morning

bucky then proceeds to play ‘highway to hell’ so loud that avengers tower receives no less than seven separate noise complaints

tony’s never been more proud