We ain’t done yet!

And here’s a pic of the leading ladies COSPLAYING AS THEIR CHARACTERS at RTX14.

I could go on and on and on, but let’s not spoil too much stuff. :3

Are you ready to watch RWBY now? GOOD.

First, watch the character intro trailers (one for each of the girls, in order.)


Then sit your fine ass down for a lovely 2 hours and watch the first season.

Season 2 premieres (this Thursday!) July 24th on the RT website!

Now I leave you with this.

Work it, Miles.






Bucky: “I’m going to buy tickets to a science fair so I can invite my best friend on a double date.”

Steve: “I’m going to pick a fight with a man twice my size and get into a back-alley brawl.”

Audience: “Oh Bucky, you’re such a bad boy.”

Probably the most obvious sign that North American culture considers sex worse than violence: James Buchanan Barnes becomes a “bad boy” for being able to get a date.

Y’know, this is a really good point, because fandom has generally taken the idea of Bucky as a bad boy, or the “dark” to Steve’s light, and run with it, on the basis of …. really no canon whatsoever, in the movies at least. In the comics, he actually is something of a snarky little troublemaker. In the movies, though, the grand total of stuff we see Bucky doing is:

  • Protecting his friend from getting beat up (in a fight that Steve actually started)
  • Going on a date and making sure Steve has a date too
  • Worrying about Steve enlisting in the army
  • Refusing to leave Steve behind in an exploding building
  • After getting tortured and experimented on, willingly following Steve back into battle to fight the guys who tortured him
  • Shooting a guy who’s about to kill Steve
  • Defending Steve on the train
  • Including the flashback scene in Winter Soldier, we also see him comforting his grieving friend and inviting Steve to move in with him rent-free.

About the “worst” things we actually see him doing are going on a date with two girls at once after Steve bails (which apparently both girls are totally on board with) and attempting unsuccessfully to flirt with Steve’s sorta-girlfriend, which is a jerk move but Steve doesn’t seem terribly bothered by it.

Steve, meanwhile, picks fights at the drop of a hat, commits or attempts to commit multiple felonies, disobeys almost every order he’s given, and at one point manages to get himself on the bad side of the entirety of SHIELD. 

…. which is not to say that there’s anything wrong with Steve, because Steve is an absolute sweetheart and I adore him, or that Bucky’s a saint who can do no wrong. But it’s just interesting how the two of them get filtered through the lens of fandom considering what they actually do.

It’s the pout. Bucky has that patented Bad Boy Pout (TM).

(Also it’s the fact that a lot of fanon gets established from comics-canon by people writing before the movie or even the full trailer is released. I’ve noticed the same thing with Clint/Hawkeye, who has pretty much no personality in Avengers-the-movie that I can see, but gets fanoned as a total dweeb because, let’s be real, I read comics too, Hawkguy is a total dweeb. ^_^)



MTV’s Kevin P. Sullivan was in the Comic-Con press room and did a quick interview with Hayley Atwell. There, he asked her about her Avengers: Age of Ultron role which she recently announced. She told Kevin that she will not be seen as the present day “Old Peggy” in Avengers 2 - as she was in Captain America: The Winter SoldierLast we saw of ‘Peggy’ she was in a retirement home suffering with alzheimers.

The role was a last minute addition. Joss and Hayley had gone out for drinks and during a conversation he suggested he write her into the flick and she eagerly accepted. (x)